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In July of 2008, along with our friends Carl and Andrea Redding, we took 9 teenagers to Nicaragua for a 10 day missions trip. There we ministered to thousands of people in hospitals, schools, churches, an orphanage, and in the streets. The overall stats include over 150 people making decisions for Christ, 1 blind man receiving his sight, a lame regaining strength in her legs, and we cast a demon out of a woman. It was a great 10 days of ministry.

Hi there!
What a cute couple!
Edge of Volcano
Da Team
Carl and Andrea
Above Masaya Volcano
Incase of Eruption
Katie and Joconda (I can't spell her name!)
I guess they like pinatas
Whitter brings a smile
Nessy and School Girl
School Program
Lookin' In
Prayer of Hope
This was worth it all!
Workin' the Crowd
Pinata Party
Pinata Busted
House in Garbage Dump
Homes of People Living in the Dump
Boy Looks in Our Bus for Hope
Garbage Dump
These guys are ready to smack a pinata!
Nicaraguan Girl
Nicaraguan Girl
Speaks a Thousand Words
Kids at School
Mom and Child
Pinata Party at School
Bustin' that Pinata
Um..., well you get the picture
Ready to Conquer the Jungle
Kristi P. Sporting the Safety Apparel
Who knows?
We're Ready!!!
The Jungle
Zip Lining
The Launch of Zip Lining
Zip Lining Through the Jungle
Lindsey Needing Rescued
Nutter Zip Lining
Lori Zip Lining
Andrea Zip Lining
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