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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Robin Ross

I, too, do not want to be the judge over anyone's sin, nor excuse it either. But whatever the reason was that it was written, many have ministered to by this song. I am one of those people. My healing was not a physical healing, but more on the emotional / spiritual side of things. I had been through some things at the time I had heard this song & it touched a chord inside that began the healing process by the Lord.

When I found out that the man who wrote the song didn't have a terminal illness, I had a choice to make... become bitter or chose to keep pressing onward in the healing process. I chose to go forward. I was aked once, "why does this song carry such an anointing to minister to people, if he wrote it & deceived others?" Like Tim Bennet, let's keep the focus where it's really to be... on the Lord who is the real healer!" Jesus is the healer of all brokenness! The words of the song still speak truth... Jesus is our Healer. He is more then enough for me! And He is more than enough for the man who wrote the song too. I tend to believe, even, that near the end of the song where the singers trail off and repeatedly said "I believe, Lord... I believe, Lord..." that when Michael sang this himself here, his spirit man was crying out to the Lord for His own deep healing... (whether he was aware of it or not, I do not know).... but a healing of a sin-sick soul in need of total restoration vertically with him & God and horizontally between him & man. Just a thought. (But a good prayer for Michael none-the-less. That's my prayer for him anyway.)

Thank you Tim for your posting on this, and giving me an opportunity to comment.

May we do well in keeping Michael & his family & his church in our prayers as they are recovering from such deception and as Michael is journeying toward complete deliverance & healing.
Robin Ross

Carl Redding

Hey, great attitude about this song, I agree it is tragic that someone would/could act in such a manner that would hurt so many people. We all know that this is a spiritual battle though and Satan would love to discourage people through circumstance such as this! Blessings,
Pastor Carl

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    In July of 2008, along with our friends Carl and Andrea Redding, we took 9 teenagers to Nicaragua for a 10 day missions trip. There we ministered to thousands of people in hospitals, schools, churches, an orphanage, and in the streets. The overall stats include over 150 people making decisions for Christ, 1 blind man receiving his sight, a lame regaining strength in her legs, and we cast a demon out of a woman. It was a great 10 days of ministry.
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