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Tuesday, September 23, 2008



Thanks for the update on that cartoon with Palin. Didn't know that went down.

Nice revisions on the site. Great job. Who did it? Same person?

Rob Gillen

Wow...that's a heated article right there. Way to go George Wood. I'm not really sure that the Washington Post is going to change anything about the way they operate, but the first voices have to come from somewhere. Bill O'Reilly wrote a book titled, "The Cultural Warrior" and in this book and he states that the Washington Post is "far too left wing to be in main stream media." Pretty intense stuff.

Two things: (1) There hasn't been an experience like the one we had when you were there thus far (2) Props on decking Josiah out in Steelers gear! What happened with the Giants man? That was just sad :O(

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Nicaragua 2008

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    In July of 2008, along with our friends Carl and Andrea Redding, we took 9 teenagers to Nicaragua for a 10 day missions trip. There we ministered to thousands of people in hospitals, schools, churches, an orphanage, and in the streets. The overall stats include over 150 people making decisions for Christ, 1 blind man receiving his sight, a lame regaining strength in her legs, and we cast a demon out of a woman. It was a great 10 days of ministry.
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